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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Alabama Tornado Relief

On April 27, 2011 312 tornados were spotted across several southern states in the United States. 226 occurred within a 24 hour period, killing at least 337 and reducing neighborhoods to rubble. This tornado storm was the second deadliest in US History and now holds the record for the most tornados ever recorded in a single day.

My friends getting ready to get to work!

40 of my friends and I had the great opportunity to drive 3 hours South of Nashville, Tennessee to Cordova, Alabama to help in the effort of cleaning up the town. I don’t know if we were prepared for what we saw: Roofs were torn off, homes were of their foundation or destroyed completely. Trees that once were located in the back yard had fallen THROUGH the house and now were resting in the back yard and the front yard (by way of the middle of the house). It was crazy and nothing like I’ve ever seen. Well as the saying goes, “A picture says a thousands words.” so here ya go!

This house looked like a bloomed flower.
The walls literally just fell out from the center!

This dress reminded me of the impact these
storms had on so many people's lives!

We ran out of room in the car, so we got put in the backseat!

It was AMAZING how many donations continued
to come in while we were there.
One day we spent hours and hours bring them into a building,
unpacking and sorting them. If you would like to know how to donate -
please go to

Thank you to all the volunteers from the Red Cross
and the rest of America for donating your time and money
to the people of Cordova and throughout other parts of Alabama!

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Anna! Your blog looks sooooo good! LOVE the sunflower!!! It's so you (of course) how perfect. Looks good luv!

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