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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The quirks and perks of Nashville!

... Living in Nashville ...

Since it's been about 4 years since I have lived in Nashville, there are some things I forgot about this beautiful city. Well, some things I forgot, and others I just didn't get the opportunity to experience the last time I was here. 

#1. Cicada's! 

 For those who don't know what a Cicada is ... lucky, lucky, lucky! They can be classified as locusts, however they have a hostile takeover every 7 years! (and when I say hostile ... I mean hostile). They are not the best of fliers, however they have no hesitation about flying INTO you at amazing speeds, land on you while make creepy and disturbing noises. I don't know if they have any real point or if they add anything to society, but they are EVERYWHERE ... and when I say everywhere ...
 what happens is, they attach to trees (hundreds on each tree), and make noises ALL DAY long! For those who have not been to the South, there are hundreds and thousands of trees, which means the hills are alive with the sound of cicadas! They shed their shell, which then falls to the ground (which you can see here). The shells then collect, by the pile full, around the bottom of every tree. At the end of the summer they will burrow back into the ground and come back in another 7 years! I can't wait!!!

#2. Lightning Storms
 One thing I had forgotten about Tennessee was the incredible lightning storms they have here!  I was driving home last night and there were the biggest flashes of light on either side of the road. The amazing thing is the lightning hit at least almost every 5 seconds. It was crazy to be in the MIDDLE of a lightning storm with bolts of lightning surrounding us on every side!
Soon after the lightning, thunder loud enough to shake my house could be heard (and felt). It was crazy! The thunder also rang through the air far longer than I have ever heard. Insane! The craziest things about the weather here is how fast it can change. One minute it could be barely sprinkling and the next, the wind is between 50-75 mph and the rain is coming down so hard, people have to pull over to the sides of the road because it's coming down in SHEETS! 

Last night was nuts, but a good reminder of how fast the weather here can change, and to be honest, kind of a cool experience! 

Though Tennessee has its quirks, it also has its perks. 
I love it here and could not imagine being anywhere else! 
Stay tuned ... there is more to come! 

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